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Protect your family's future

with estate planning

Cover your bases

By taking a few moments now to make your wishes known, you can save your family anxiety and heartache during stressful periods. Belinda can help you with simple and complex wills, healthcare power of attorney, general power of attorney, and directive to physicians documents.


Yes, it can be awkward to think that far ahead in the future or plan for the worse, but making your wishes known is as critical for your family as providing for them. You'll be able to forestall arguments and misunderstandings before they even start.

Estate planning:

 •  Simple and complex wills

 •  Healthcare power of attorney

 •  General power of attorney

 •  Directive to physicians

 •  Life insurance and annuities

Prepare for probate

Probate is a period of time after you or a loved one has passed in which debtors are allowed to make claims against some of the estate before it passes to the heirs. You can't avoid probate, but with the proper estate planning and Belinda's help, you can mitigate its effects.

Wills and Testaments

Insurance Needs

Belinda is also an insurance agent licensed by the State of Texas. She is eager to help you take care of your life insurance and annuity needs. Both life insurance and annuities are instrumental tools in estate planning.