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Traffic violations often boil down to a "he said, she said" argument between officers and drivers. While the jurors are often apt to give the officer the benefit of the doubt, the fact of the matter is that police are just as likely to make mistakes as anyone else.


When you've been charged with a class C misdemeanor or a moving violation, let me be your legal voice and put forth your side of the story.

Don't give them a pass

Oftentimes, you may not even be aware that you have tickets until a warrant is issued for your arrest. Don't be shocked - I can help you fight back against the paperwork and bureaucracy.

Traffic law:

 •  DUI / DWI

 •  Traffic misdemeanors

 •  Hit and run

 •  Reckless driving

Serious charges require a serious lawyer

Let me handle the case! Belinda C. Brown will make sure the burden of proof remains on the prosecution.

Traffic law Traffic law