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Legal FAQs

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Is it worth it to fight traffic tickets?

With auto insurance companies looking for any reason to increase premiums, it is absolutely worth it to fight traffic tickets! Protecting your driving record is important!

How does this work?

The legal system may seem intimidating, but you'll see how easy everything is after your consultation.

I just want to make sure I don't get taken advantage of

That's our goal, too! Remember that at its core, the law is a shield to protect you against the infringement of your rights by others. Whether it's the police, an ex-spouse, or a debt collector, we want to make sure your rights and legal interests come first!

Legal Consultation Legal Consultation

Will it cost me money to talk to Belinda?

Don't worry, you can call Belinda and talk to her free of charge to find out if she would be able to help you with your case. She will let you know how much you will be charged if she handles your case before you have to decide if you want to move forward. If Belinda can't help you, she may be able to refer you to another attorney who can.