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Avoid a criminal record!

Keep your options open!

Fight the charges

While jail and court fines are bad enough, when it comes to criminal law, the real damage to your life comes from the stigma of having a record. A criminal record can place restrictions on where you are allowed to live, what jobs you can have, and may even keep you out of certain schooling opportunities!


That's why Belinda fight so hard for you! She will make sure your rights are protected from the very start, keep the prosecution in check, and push for your freedom.

Ask for your lawyer immediately

When you are charged with a crime or you think there may be a chance that the police may charge you, stop answering their questions and demand to speak with Belinda C. Brown.

Criminal law:

  • Felonies

  • Misdemeanor

  • Drug charges

  • Theft

  • DWI

Keep the burden of proof where it belongs

Remember, it's the police's job to build a case and the prosecutor's job to make it in a court of law. There's plenty of room for error and the justice system will try to take shortcuts if you let it. Our attorney can make sure the police and prosecution do everything by the book.

Criminal law Criminal law